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How To Get Property And Casualty Insurance License In 2022

If you want to get an AAI designation then you should know how to get property and casualty insurance license. If you have an insurance license and you are residing in Georgia, then you should complete a certain number of continuing education (CE). Also, if you want to succeed as an accredited advisor in insurance then you should always update your skills. Hence, you can become really successful as an insurance advisor if you pursue continuing education.

If you want to get an AAI designation you should complete the requirements once in 2 years before or on the last day of your birth month. Also, you cannot get credits for the same continuing education course which you have taken multiple times. In order to get this designation, you should complete twelve hours of CE. In addition, you should also get 3 hours of ethical course. Once, you have completed these courses, you should contact the Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety FireWhen you contact them, you can renew your license of AAI designation 

how to get property and casualty insurance license

Tips on how to get property and casualty insurance license 

Before we dive in to the tips, you should know how to get the insurance agent license. As an insurance agent getting an insurance license, you can choose what line to sell. Also, if you get more certifications then you can excel well on your career. One of the most prominent reason to get more certifications is to avoid E&O claims against them.  

It also helps in expanding knowledge on policies and coverages. An individual can wonder how to become an insurance broker all they want. But they cannot succeed if they do not work on broadening their skills.  

 A successful insurance professional with an AAI designation who wants to shine in their insurance career can do the following things: 

  • Put your clients’ requirements above anything else. 
  • Be persistent and honest 
  • Work on your technical knowledge and product knowledge 
  • Learn new skills and work on Continuing Education to get more recognition 
  • Harness the advantages of technology in insurance and tap in to the network of carriers and clients 
  • Partner up with an insurtech brokerage to ease your journey as an independent insurance agent. 

Final Words 

A great way you can get more limelight among your clients are by listing yourself in an insurance directory. Also, getting an AAI designation in Snellville can also increase your earnings. The main reason being the advanced knowledge an individual can get. Furthermore, you can deal with complex clients and insurance policies with ease.  


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