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P&C Insurance License Cost In 2022

AAI Designation is a special designation for insurance producers that can skyrocket your career as an insurance agent. Before you get this, you might wonder the p&c insurance license cost. The p&c insurance license cost varies from state to state. In spite of easy cost access of P&C license, you can even opt for other designation programs that boosts your credibility. There are numerous insurance agents with excellent qualifications and years of experience, but acquiring this one can help you gain special recognition. Since it is given to a highly knowledgeable and experienced local insurance agent this course provides a better understanding of customer services and better pay.

So the Insurance Institute of America and the Independent Insurance Agents and Broker of America collaborated to form this program, and to produce more informed and well-experienced insurance professionals to avoid insurance fraud.

P&C insurance license cost and benefit of getting an AAI designation

If you are opting for an insurance license in the state of Pennsylvania, the the average cost comes about $375. However, different state has different pricing. But on an average it costs from $30 to $600. Furthermore, after you get your P&C insurance license, you should opt for designations such as AAI. Firstly, achieving it will require you to complete advanced courses that will help you in your career growth. Secondly, if you are going to become an independent insurance agent getting this designation is a bonus.

  • Completion of Accredited in Advisor Insurance course can help insurance producers to avoid E and O insurance for insurance agents Claims.
  • If you complete all three AAI coursework modules, it will give you detailed information on policies and coverages.
  • Also, an independent insurance agent with an AAI designation is more respected and recognized among their competitors
  • Likewise, AAI helps in improving an agent’s marketing, sales, and insurance production abilities.
  • In addition, professionals with AAI designation are better trained to offer quality customer service and customer insurance policies as per client’s needs.

Hence, acquiring an AAI designation can benefit an insurance producer professionally because it gives them systematic information about the insurance industry. Because of this, insurance producers understand their clients’ wants, identify their needs, and bring tailored policies and sell more insurance.

p&c insurance license cost

Program Requirements for an AAI Designation.

It is compulsory to complete three modules of the AAI course by passing a series of examinations with 9-15 months. Also, the rise of demand in cyber liability insurance can benefit from individuals with this designation as it helps understand the complex nature of the insurance policy. But each course is in the English Language, and it will take about 5-7 weeks to complete. The list of three modules in the AAI course are as follows:

AAI 81 Module 

  • The insurance business: an overview
  • Risk Management
  • Life Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Account Development

AAI 82 Module 

  • Commercial Crime Insurance
  • Surety Bonds
  • Excess and umbrella liability insurance
  • Business owners and farm insurance
  • Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

AAI 83 Module

  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Producer-insurer relations
  • Client service management
  • Market segmentation and product targeting
  • Personal production planning
  • Sales management principles

So, if you want to be eligible for an AAI designation, you should take at least one Ethics class. The Institutes Risk & Insurance Knowledge Group provides such courses. Also, such courses are also available in different states. If you want to know how much do insurance sales reps make then you might this blog helpful.
In conclusion, the insurance industry is a highly competitive market and we advise you to keep yourself updated with new programs and courses. And such courses can keep you on your toes by making you a technically skilled agent who can evaluate risks and tailor clients’ tailored policies. It also helps you avoid buying an E and O insurance to cover for claims.


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