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We provide the best tips and guide for insurance producers to boost their skills and credibility.

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Enhance Knowledge

We have detailed guides for insurance producers about getting an Accredited Advisor in Insurance designation.

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Our mind blowing tips to becoming AAI deisgnated helps in building skills for complex situations.

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We guide you on getting this designation as per your state’s requirements.

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Welcome to AAI Designation, your one and only source for the top insurance information. We are a dedicated team of experts shedding light on the important aspects of acquiring this highly recognized and respected designation for Insurance Producers to boost their skills on dealing with complex situations. 

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Empower Insurance Agents

Our blogs guide insurance producers to enhance their knowledge in insurance industry.


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We update insurance professionals on new market trends that are currently on the roll. We also provide tips on adapting to such environment.


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We have created top notch content for insurance producers to refer when they need a quick and easy to digest information.

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